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error response status code was unacceptable: 405

When I try to create PayMentIntent It shows follwing error (see image):- My StripeViewController is: – import UIKit import Stripe import Alamofire import Firebase class StripeViewController: UIViewController, STPAuthenticationContext { // MARK: UIViews var productStackView=UIStackView() var paymentStackView=UIStackView() var productImageView=UIImageView() var productLabel=UILabel() var payButton=UIButton() var loadingSpinner=UIActivityIndicatorView() var outputTextView=UITextView() var paymentTextField=STPPaymentCardTextField() let backendURL : String = "" override […]

By askit
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Facebook Login in Firebase (iOS), Error 10814

I am getting the following error when trying to log in using Facebook and Firebase in iOS (swift): -canOpenURL: failed for URL: "fbauth2:/" – error: "The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -10814.)" I get the error in my console as soon as I click my "login with facebook" UIButton – right when it says […]

By kiunsiho
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Crashlytics: What does compiler-generated means?

I’m using Firebase Crashlytics to get crash reports from my iOS app and I get some crashes that I don’t understand with a <compiler-generated> error message. I don’t understand what causes this kind of crash. When I look at the stack trace I get one or several lines with the compiler-generated error message too. I’ve […]

By C Moulinet
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If you use Geofire to get a bunch of user keys, how do you use the keys in a DataEventTypeSnapshot?

So I tested all the code with a simpler line 1 and line 2 snapshot – one that stops at users and doesn’t include the key child. With that snapshot the rest of the code works, so the error I believe lies in having .child(key) there. However, I don’t know of another way to make […]

Why is apple sign-in with FirebaseUI not working?

Following the guide here I am attempting to add Apple sign-in to my iOS app. I have successfully implemented google sign-in with this method but Apple does not seem to be working. I can get to the point where it asks for my apple password but then it just keeps loading without result and I […]

How to delete a document in Firestore using cloud functions

I want to check documents as they are created in firestore to ensure there are no swear words contained in a publicly visible field. I would like to be able to delete the post after it has been detected to contain swear words. To do this I am trying to use firebase cloud functions: // […]

Is there a replacement for using NSNotificationCenter and kFIRInstanceIDTokenRefreshNotification to detect expired tokens?

I’m migrating some old Crashlytics code that used the now-deprecated [FIRInstanceID instanceIDWithHandler:] method to use the new [FIRInstallations installationIDWithCompletion:] method. Related to that cleanup is the deprecation warning: ‘kFIRInstanceIDTokenRefreshNotification’ is deprecated. In the past, we had added an observer to NSNotificationCenter with that name, in order to be notified when the instanceID expired so we […]

By Bob Gilmore
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After querying in firebase realtime database, how do you further reduce the users that get displayed by using geofire?

So, in principle: query db, and then on client use geofire to further reduce the users that are displayed let refArtists2 = Database.database().reference().child("people").queryOrdered(byChild: "caption").queryStarting(atValue:dateToday.timeIntervalSince1970*1000) refArtists2.observe(DataEventType.value, with: { snapshot in ////////////xxxxx////////////// let enumerator = snapshot.children while let people = enumerator.nextObject() as? DataSnapshot { let peopleObject = people.value as? [String: AnyObject] .. …. …. append sort }} […]

App builds on physical device, but not emulator (No such module)

My project will build on a physical device but not on an emulator. Building on an emulator says there’s no such module. I’ve installed all necessary pods, but can’t access them when trying to build on emulator. Intellisense will not pick it up. Although, I have most definitely installed and updated the pod multiple times […]

Not receiving crash reports in Firebase Crashlytics

Describe your environment Xcode version: 11.2.1 Firebase SDK version: 6.16.0 Firebase Component: Crashlytics (Auth, Core, Database, Firestore, Messaging, Storage, etc) Component version: 4.0.0-beta3 Installation method: CocoaPods Describe the problem After upgrading to the new Firebase Crashlytics SDK, we are not receiving crash reports for either debug or release builds. We verified the installation & correct […]

By Tim Specht
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