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Cannot receive firebase analytics from IOS

I’m developing a Flutter application for both Android and IOS. I’m collecting analytics using firebase_analytics 8.2.0 package. I have configured my application as described at the package documentation. My Podfile starts with $FirebaseAnalyticsWithoutAdIdSupport = true. The problem is that I can only receive Android analytics. My Code: final FirebaseAnalytics analytics = FirebaseAnalytics(); void onGroupCreate(String groupId, […]

By genericUser
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Cart Quantity selection with TextField Flutter

I want to add text field in flutter and when user add value quatity value should be updated Here is my Image of Cart here is the quantity selection class QuantitySelection extends StatelessWidget { final int limitSelectQuantity; final int value; final double width; final double height; final Function onChanged; final Color color; QuantitySelection( {@required this.value, […]

By Usama Altaf
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Enable WebRTC Support in WKWebView/UIWebView

I am developing a flutter application using WebRTC in webview. On android, it is working as expected, but facing issues on iOS build. I have read the threads Apple Support and SO Thread. Both threads state, WebRTC is not allowed inside iOS webview. I tested my code in emulator/real-device, but unsuccessful. So, my question is […]

By Faiizii Awan
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Custom `UITextField` subclass doesn’t appear on the screen

I am developing a flutter plugin. The library that I use with Swift has a UITextField subclass. I cannot show this subclass on the screen. It only appears on the screen when I try it with the UITextField object. How can I show this object on the screen? My Code dnmTextField = DnmTextField(frame: rc) dnmTextField?.autoresizingMask […]

By TurkC
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How can get value from each dropdown?

I am selecting the count of son, on the basis of count I created selected number of dropdown I just want to get value from each dropdown dropdown and dropdown count is not fixed. So I want separate value from each dropdown. How can I achieve this. bool sonVisible = false; bool sonChecked = false; […]

By Jorden
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Open KML/GPX files in appropriate external map app

My Flutter (Android and iOS) app generates KML or GPX files, which works as expected. Now I want to add a button "Open file" which should open such a system dialog where the installed map apps (which can handle such formats) are listed to be chosen. How can I open this dialog? How can I […]

By S-Man
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Flutter/Dart SocketException Uploading Video File to URL

I am recieving this error message when attempting to upload a video file to the speicified URL: DioError (DioError [DioErrorType.DEFAULT]: SocketException: OS Error: Connection reset by peer, errno = 54, address =, port = 64995) Note: It is a DioError as I am using the dio Dart/Flutter package: I recieve the error using […]

By Josh Kahane
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Flutter iOS release and profile builds are not working properly

I have a very weird problem, which I just can’t solve: I want to test my app on my iPhone and testing the app over the day in different locations. So I need to make a profile or release build to have the app installed on my phone. Debug mode is working great, I have […]

By benicamera
Categorised as flutter, flutter-build, flutter-test, ios, iphone Tagged , , , ,… infinite cycle Xcode build failed

When I try to build my app, I got this error in the console: Xcode build done. 114,3s Failed to build iOS app Error output from Xcode build: ↳ ** BUILD FAILED ** Xcode’s output: ↳ error: ‘/Users/paul/AndroidStudioProjects/Chronopsi/build/ios/Debug-iphoneos/’ is longer than filepath buffer size (1025). (in target ‘Runner’ from project ‘Runner’) note: Using new build […]

By Milvintsiss
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Flutter on IOS: fatal error: module ‘cloud_firestore’ not found

After searching long hours on github and stack for similar errors, none of the proposed solutions helped me to resolve this error. I tried quite a few things (a bit out of order): remove IOS derived data change firestore package version flutter clean rm -Rf ios/Pods rm -Rf ios/.symlinks rm -Rf ios/Flutter/Flutter.framework rm -Rf ios/Flutter/Flutter.podspec […]

By Lab
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