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Do we need to produce video assets in iOS apps at @3x @2x and @1x as for image assets?

I understand the requirement for images but do apps have to respect the same variations for embedded videos? If not what resolution should be used? Source: Ios Questions

By Abolfoooud
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CollectionView width is not correct in Xamarin forms iOS Portrait/Landscape mode

I have a Xamarin app and I am using a collection view for displaying items. The Width of items are correct for the first time then switch back to Landscape mode then switch back to portrait mode and the width of items list taking the previous landscape mode width. I am also receiving the exception […]

How to identify AppClips is launched by appclip card or by the user by searching the appclip in spotlight

I am working on an appclip, when I scan a QR code, appclip card gets shown and on click of open appclips gets launched and I performed a booking flow. Now next time if user comes to appclips using QR code, then I want to show an alert to user, that there is a booking […]

NO iOS 14.6 Simulator Found Anywhere

I developed an app for a client in React Native. I fixed it for all the versions Apple said it didn’t work on, except 14.6. Apple is saying the app doesn’t work on 14.6. However, I can’t find the 14.6 Simulator anywhere! I’ve also tried downloading Xcode 13 beta, but the Simulator versions skip 14.6 […]

By Adrian Bartyczak
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How to send iOS – APN Notification With P12 Certificate – C# Samples

I am new to IOS APN – Notification generating service , Please help on How we can send APN from C# Windows Service – .Net Framework 4.5 / 4.7? Tired with Moon-APN , Pushsharp , DotAPN but no result. If any one have sample code with step by step process please share . Thanks in […]

Fix line spacing in custom font in SwiftUI

I am using custom font (Catamaran) and it seems like it has big space between lines in it. For example I have this code: Text("Example text that has big space between lines") .lineSpacing(0) .padding(.horizontal) .font(Font.custom(FontNameManager.Catamaran.bold, size: 24.0)) .foregroundColor(.white) .multilineTextAlignment(.center) and it looks like this: As you can see it doesn’t have zero space between lines […]

By Libor Zapletal
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I’m trying to update my iOS app Xamarin " /usr/bin/codesign exited with code 1 " [closed]

I’m trying to update my app using Xamarin.forms , while Archiving. it shows 2 error 1- /usr/bin/codesign exited with code 1 2- no debug symbols in executable (-arch arm64) I create everything as usual but I don’t know way it doesn’t accept archiving here is some pic for problems Image1 image2 image Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Tariq Alsunaydih
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Why is iframe blank only with iOS?

There is an html page that works correctly on any Windows and Android (shows content of iframe). Hosting by Github Pages. It works on iOS version 12.5.1, but no on 14.6 (blank page on Chrome, Safari, Opera). Why? Tried src with wikipedia – ok everything. The problem narrows down to a combination of iframe and […]

By Viewed
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IOS Simulator rotates despite Info.plist [duplicate]

My Situation: I have selected in the Infoplist file for IOS that my app should only run in landscape mode. In spite of this, in the simulator, when I turn the Ipad, I can still go into portrait mode. Unfortunately, I can’t try it out on physical devices because I don’t have one yet. Can […]

By JZ2000
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iOS Safari Ignores Body Overflow: Hidden when Input Focused

It appears that on iOS 14.5 in Safari (haven’t tested in Chrome), overflow: hidden is ignored if the user is focused in an input field. Now, you can add a touch-action: none to the body element and that works in some situations, but it’s a hack (it doesn’t actually disable scrolling) and that attribute is […]

By Colin
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