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how to set UIBarButtonItem selected or highlighted image or tint colours in iOS 7?

How to provide normal state and selected/highlighted state images to uibarbuttonitem in iOS 7? Is there any way to provide tint colour for both normal and selected/highlighted state of uibarbuttonitem? I don’t want to use uibutton as a view for uibarbuttonitem! Any elegant solution would be highly appreciated. Source: Ios7 Questions

By U Ali
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How to embed small icon in UILabel

I need to embed small icons ( sort of custom bullets ) to my UILabel in iOS7. How can I do this in interface designer? Or at least in code? In Android there are leftDrawable and rightDrawable for labels, but how it is done in iOS? Sample in android : Source: Ios7 Questions

By AVEbrahimi
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keep track of connected users on iOS application

I have a iOS app, the users can login and logout whenever they want. In server side, I want to know which users are online. I could do something like set the user online when the login webservice is called, and set it offline when the logout webservice is called. But, I can’t be sure […]

By El pocho la pantera
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is there a way to programmatically get all the parameters of an Audio Unit in iOS?

AUParamInfo() doesn’t seem to exist in the iOS7 frameworks (CoreAudio, AudioUnit, AudioToolbox). I’m wondering what would be the way to get all parameters for a unit. That is, without knowing what type or subtype of unit it is, since if not the answer would be to look up in the Audio Unit Parameters Reference. Source: […]

By SaldaVonSchwartz
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AVSpeechSynthesizer in background mode

I can’t get the iOS 7 AVSpeechSynthesizer to work when my iOS app is in background mode. I have added the “App plays audio” key to the app’s supported background modes, but I still can’t get it to work. I have also investigated the possibility of creating an AVMutableCompositionTrack, with an AVSpeechSynthesizer utterance, and then […]

By user lion
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MFMessageComposeViewController iOS7 addAttachmentData:typeIdentifier:filename: not working

I want to attach an image to a MMS, on iOS7. I wrote following code: MFMessageComposeViewController *messageController = [[MFMessageComposeViewController alloc] init]; messageController.messageComposeDelegate = self; NSData *imgData = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:@”blablabla”]; BOOL didAttachImage = [messageController addAttachmentData:imgData typeIdentifier:@”” filename:@”image”]; if (didAttachImage) { // Present message view controller on screen [self presentViewController:messageController animated:YES completion:nil]; } else { UIAlertView *warningAlert […]

By Beny Boariu
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Auto layout constraints issue on iOS7 in UITableViewCell

I’m using auto layout constraints programmatically to layout my custom UITableView cells and I’m correctly defining the cell sizes in tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath: It’s working just fine on iOS6 and it does look fine in iOS7 as well BUT when I run the app on iOS7, here’s the kind of message I see in the console: Break […]

iOS 7 UITableView: How to remove space between navigation bar and first cell

Description of the problem: with iOS 7 in grouped UITableView there is a gap between the top of the table view and the first cell. The strange part is that when I load the content for the first time the table appears to be ok (first image), but when I scroll down a space appears […]

By Fry
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Load NSAttributedString from File

Is there a way to have some sort of rich text in a file, and load the file into an NSAttributedString? I looked into loading a .rtf file into an NSAttributed String: NSString *filePathFooter = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:kFooterFileName ofType:@”rtf”]; NSError *error = nil; NSAttributedString *string = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithFileURL:[NSURL URLWithString:filePathFooter] options:nil documentAttributes:NULL error:&error]; But this […]

By Ethan Mick
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How to change the status bar background color and text color on iOS 7?

My current application runs on iOS 5 and 6. The navigation bar is having an orange color and the status bar is having a black background color with white text color. However, when I run the same application on iOS 7, I observe the status bar looks transparent with the same orange background color as […]

By Rejeesh Rajan
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