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Calculating number of lines of dynamic UILabel (iOS7)

There are many solutions to this questions arround but couldn’t find non-deprecated one. I have an UILabel with mode WordWrap and fixed width of, let’s say 250. Lines are set to 0. Here is what I tried: UILabel *contentLabel = (UILabel*)[contentView viewWithTag:10]; CGSize size = [contentLabel.text sizeWithFont:contentLabel.font forWidth:contentLabel.frame.size.width lineBreakMode:NSLineBreakByWordWrapping]; NSLog(@”Label’s height is: %d”, size.height); The […]

By Jacek Kwiecie
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UIAlertView addSubview in iOS7

Adding some controls to UIAlertView was deprecated in iOS7 using addSubview method. As I know Apple promised to add contentView property. iOS 7 is released now and I see that this property is not added. That is why I search for some custom solution with ability to add progress bar to this alertView. Something for […]

By B S
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Progress view height in iOS 7

I want to increase the height of progress view in iOS 6 and below i am doing this using appearence method UIImage *progressImage = [[UIImage imageNamed:@”sliderbk-progress.png”] resizableImageWithCapInsets:UIEdgeInsetsMake(0, 4, 0, 5)]; [[UIProgressView appearance] setProgressImage:progressImage]; but now in iOS7 this code is not working i even try given below code but no use. Any help will be […]

By Iqbal Khan
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How to change Status Bar text color in iOS

My application has a dark background, but in iOS 7 the status bar became transparent. So I can’t see anything there, only the green battery indicator in the corner. How can I change the status bar text color to white like it is on the home screen? Source: Ios7 Questions

By Oleksandr Veremchuk
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Invalid Executable Size – From iTunes Connect

I am uploading my iOS application on iTunes. I am using MonoTouch for compiling my LibGdx Game for iOS. In Android it is hardly 7-8mb. But When I upload on iTunes AppStore then its goes to 78 mb. I dont know why ? Please Let me know. I have also received this error from Apple. […]

By user831413
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Can I use a UIRefreshControl in a UIScrollView?

I have about 5 UIScrollView‘s already in my app which all load multiple .xib files. We now want to use a UIRefreshControl. They are built to be used with UITableViewControllers (per UIRefreshControl class reference). I do not want to re-do how all 5 UIScrollView work. I have already tried to use the UIRefreshControl in my […]

By SirRupertIII
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