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Why is iframe blank only with iOS?

There is an html page that works correctly on any Windows and Android (shows content of iframe). Hosting by Github Pages. It works on iOS version 12.5.1, but no on 14.6 (blank page on Chrome, Safari, Opera). Why? Tried src with wikipedia – ok everything. The problem narrows down to a combination of iframe and […]

By Viewed
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AudioToolback Crash Introduced in iOS 14.2

I am experiencing a very consistent crash in my app that was introduced with iOS 14.2. We are using Crashlytics to track crashes and can confirm 100% of these new crashes are on 14.2 and above. I have also been able to recreate on 14.2 and the current second beta release of 14.3 I cannot […]

By MillerMedia
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Changing font color of Date Picker with inline style

I need to change the text color of my .inline style Date Picker. A Google search led me to this post. This works perfectly on .wheels style, but doesn’t work on .inline: My code: class ViewController: UIViewController { @IBOutlet weak var datePicker: UIDatePicker! override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() datePicker.preferredDatePickerStyle = .inline self.datePicker.backgroundColor = .blue datePicker.setValue(UIColor.white, […]

By orihpt
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Failed to get descriptors for extensionBundleID

After adding an extension target to Xcode project and trying to run it on iOS 14, I’m getting an error: SendProcessControlEvent:toPid: encountered an error: Error Code=8 "Failed to show Widget ‘***’ error: Error Domain=SBAvocadoDebuggingControllerErrorDomain Code=1 "Failed to get descriptors for extensionBundleID (***)" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to get descriptors for extensionBundleID (***)}." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to show Widget ‘***’ […]

By Vladyslav Zavalykhatko
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iOS – Limitations of DCAppAttestService for generating attestation object

I was checking out the documentation for attestKey(_:clientDataHash:completionHandler:) method. The general idea is for our app to use these measures to assert its legitimacy with any server requests for sensitive or premium content. How often can I use attestKey(_:clientDataHash:completionHandler:) to generate an assertion object? Is it ok if we create this object one for each […]

Why can I install my app on ios 14.1 but not 14.2?

Ever since installing XCode 12.2, I can’t install our app on simulators running ios 14.2. I downloaded 14.1 and simulators running 14.1 install the app just fine. Tellingly, my coworker does not have this problem even though he’s running the same version of xcode, so a problem with my setup seems likely. I’ve tried uninstalling […]

By dacoinminster
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phResourceManager.writeData(for… wont run on iOS 14

Before I updated to iOS 14 on my iPhone, this code was working perfectly. After, iOS 14 this is weirdly not running… it is very odd and I have not seen any solution online, additionally from my investigation, I have not been able to see any change. This code is used in order to retrieve […]

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Xamarin.iOS:Layer.InsertSublayer is not working in iOS 14.1 as it was previously working

In my app I am adding gradiant layer on the cell on some condition. In previous versions of iOS it worked fine, but after updating to 14.1 it stopped showing gradiant. Following is the code which is used to show gradiant. Layer.InsertSublayer(Utility.GetGradientLayer(Frame, GradientColor.Green), 0); I have tested it on iOS 11 simulator and this code […]

By user6159419
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How do I open Facebook app link on iOS 14?

I have used below code to open Facebook link through app if the app is installed else it will open it from the browser. var appLink = "fb://page/0000000000000"; var url = ""; if (!await Launcher.TryOpenAsync(appLink )) await Launcher.OpenAsync(url ); Above code does not work on iOS 14, seems like iOS 14 requires users’ consent to […]

By Dragon Warrior
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iOS 14 only issue: images in keyboard extension no longer displays (but works fine in iOS 13)

I have an iOS keyboard extension that displays rows of UIImageViews in a scroll view. Addendum, for clarity: the exact same codebase produces two very different results on two different iOS versions. There is no mention in the iOS 14 release notes for changes affecting keyboard extensions. Because of the differentiating results from iOS versions, […]

By daspianist
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