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Analysing file in iOS

I have trying to reduce the overall size of my iOS application which is currently 48MB. When I analyze sub folders, I found is taking 41MB. I am not able to open and see which one is taking that much space. I couldn’t find any good documentation regarding file. Can someone suggest how […]

By Rajeev
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why UIScrollView is leaving space from top in ios 6 and ios 7

I have turned off Autolayout and viewcontroller is embedded in navigation controller. I am using Xcode 5, Storyboard. I don’t understand why is it leaving space from top. Actually in storyboard i have put my label exactly below navigation bar. But when i run it on simulator then it leaves space from top. One of […]

By bhavya kothari
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keep track of connected users on iOS application

I have a iOS app, the users can login and logout whenever they want. In server side, I want to know which users are online. I could do something like set the user online when the login webservice is called, and set it offline when the logout webservice is called. But, I can’t be sure […]

By El pocho la pantera
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Not able to type in textfield in iphone simulator using Mac Keyboard?

I’m working on a basic iOS app which supports both portrait and landscape modes. When the iPhone simulator keyboard is open in landscape and I’m switching the app to portrait mode I’m unable to type anything in any text field using my Mac physical keyboard. Has anyone experienced this before? Is it a known bug? […]

By Deepak Carpenter
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ios simulator: how to close an app

When you “run” the simulator from xCode, the app automatically launches, and then you can click the home button to suspend the app. What I want to do is close the app from within the simulator. So, how can this be done? Source: Ios7 Questions

By Chicowitz
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