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in XCode12, iphone5 is not connecting

if it is possible, then how can i connect my old iphone5 (iOS-10) with xCode12 in debug mode. is there any possibility other than test-flight ? Source: Ios7 Questions

By gsk fs
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Customise Tab Bar with rounded button Issue swift

I have been customising tab bar with rounded button in center and set corner radius curve as well, I have set in storyboard as below, I have rendered image as original, but my issue is when I run in simulator, the upper half of rounded circle is missing as shown in image, I have set […]

By Aleesha
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Show popup message from screenshot with my text

How can i show this popup message? With my text instead "Safari pasted from VK" Source: Ios7 Questions

By alexbayker
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How to use presentOptionsMenuFromRect in UIDocumentInteractionController if calling inside a third party plugin

I have abn application developed in Appcelerator. I want to display the options/list of apps that I could use to open the document that I’ve downloaded and stored in Cache FOlder of the application. But whenever I open it using this code: NSFileManager *fileManager = [NSFileManager defaultManager]; NSArray *directoryPaths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains (NSCachesDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES); NSString […]

By Eyni Eyni
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iOS 14 widget available memory

Searching on the internet I found that in the old version on widgets there was the following memory limit: Respond appropriately to user interactions. Perform well (in particular, iOS widgets must use memory wisely or the system may terminate them).” The memory limit for the widget is 16 MB, so keep it simple and make […]

By Paul
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MAC Sierra 10.12 use xcode to debug view hierarchy get empty, not show the view

I recently encountered a problem, I use VMware to install the mac system, the use of xcode debug view hierarchy function, encountered a blank interface, but the left shows the view inside the UIViews elements, the middle is a blank nothing, Do not know why, hope to get everyone’s answer. Thank you I am using […]

By lin Bruce
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Xcode: Could not locate device support files

As i am trying to run my application from newly updated Xcode 8 to my iPhone 4 which is running iOS 7.1.2 It throws below error, And, this is my Xcode version, Has anyone faced this issue before? Awaiting for your suggestions!! Source: Ios7 Questions

By Praveenkumar
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UINavigationController disable Language direction in swipe to go back

When the application language is Arabic, (interactivePopGestureRecognizer) works from right to left so the user has to swipe from right edge to pop viewController.I wanna to force interactivePopGestureRecognizer to swipe from left to right (user has to swipe from left edge) despite the app language because I wanna to fix the back button at left […]

By SamehDos
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How to find AVPlayer current bitrate

I am trying to fetch bit rate at which the AVPlayer is playing the video stream . I tried with observed bit rate property of AVPlayerItemAccessLogEvent , but it gives very high value.After exploring further on Observed-bit-rate property I understood that this property shows the value of download rate of a segment.I need to know […]

By Karthik
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keyboard pushes bottom elements upward

In my app when I select to give input to particular input field which positioned at top the keyboard pushes all my bottom element upward. I am using Ionic framework. In android platform it is solved by changing windowsoftinput to adjustpan from autoresize. How to solve this problem in case of ios platform. Source: Ios7 […]

By baldraider
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