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IOS Simulator rotates despite Info.plist [duplicate]

My Situation: I have selected in the Infoplist file for IOS that my app should only run in landscape mode. In spite of this, in the simulator, when I turn the Ipad, I can still go into portrait mode. Unfortunately, I can’t try it out on physical devices because I don’t have one yet. Can […]

By JZ2000
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Trying to get full width of view using geometry reader and navigation bar – SwiftUI

I have 2 HStack‘s using geometry reader to split them evenly into 2 sections that are embedded into a VStack, I am trying to create a layout similar to the first below image (landscape mode on iPad). However, I am struggling to get the HStack‘s to line up like a grid meeting in the middle. […]

By spoax
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How to update window frames on an iPad split view?

I am trying to add a banner window which should show on top of the main window at all times. nothing from the main window should ever block the content on that banner window and the banner window should also not block the content of the main window. The following code worked fine on an […]

By Anirudh Bandi
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iOS/iPad + Safari: Vertically and horizontally sticky positioned cells showing jerky effect

I have a table, not the HTML table, but the one made of React styled divs, in which the top 4 row cells are sticky positioned, also 2nd, 3rd and 4th row cells are replaced by their replacers when corresponding data set is accessed through vertical scrolling, as per shown in gif, thats the reason […]

By Sujit Singh
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Could not find any available provisioning profiles for iOS

We are developing a iOS shopping cart application in c# and visual studio 2017 for xamarin. I have an iPad Air iOS 10.3, when I try to publish to real device, I am getting the following error message: “Could not find any available provisioning profiles for iOS”, I have tried to restart my Mac – […]

By P Thiyagu
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Ipad app form universal app different size

Hi first at all i converted my iphone app to universal and followed this steps ([][1]) to convert my iphone storyboard to an ipad storyboard but now i have a problem in the size of the views here are the sceenshots. And here is the ipad new view Now what should i do ? Should […]

By jcromanu
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How much memory can one iOS app use?

… when it’s in the foreground. For the original iPad, with 256MB RAM, I found that my app could use up to 100-140MB before it got killed. What’s the situation nowadays? I could do go buy a bunch of iDevices and do a test myself, but I wanted to check: Has anyone done a test? […]

By Kartick Vaddadi
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iPhone app testing on iPad seems to fail (nothing happens)

My questions is in regards to an app designed for iPhone being available on the iPad/iPad Mini. In the past I’ve been able to test .ipa files on an iPad and they’ve just appeared in the "2x zoom" mode, which is what I want. When my testers try and add my latest .ipa to their […]

By Dan James Palmer
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Not able to type in textfield in iphone simulator using Mac Keyboard?

I’m working on a basic iOS app which supports both portrait and landscape modes. When the iPhone simulator keyboard is open in landscape and I’m switching the app to portrait mode I’m unable to type anything in any text field using my Mac physical keyboard. Has anyone experienced this before? Is it a known bug? […]

By Deepak Carpenter
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