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iOS Safari Ignores Body Overflow: Hidden when Input Focused

It appears that on iOS 14.5 in Safari (haven’t tested in Chrome), overflow: hidden is ignored if the user is focused in an input field. Now, you can add a touch-action: none to the body element and that works in some situations, but it’s a hack (it doesn’t actually disable scrolling) and that attribute is […]

By Colin
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Fixed persistent header and scroll to focussed input fields

QUESTION: Based on the given examples for homescreen web apps in iOS7 Safari, how can I achieve both a fixed persistent header that never scrolls out of view, and form input fields that scroll into view when tapped? The two examples have one difference, one has height=device-height in the viewport, the other doesn’t. Without device-height […]

Full Screen mode in iOS7 Safari

I am developing a mobile web site using Sencha Touch. In iOS7 Safari I cannot make the top address bar & the toolbar below go away. Sencha used to handle this upto iOS6 but some recent changes in iOS7 is causing this issue. I read the above link & it seems this is also […]

By Ram G Athreya
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