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MSAL login Build method causing infinite wait time in Xamarin.iOS project

I am having a Xamarin Forms application that uses a Microsoft AD login, but when I try to fetch the accounts details it is causing an infinite wait loop for getting the PublicClientApplication.Build(). The issue is happening with the creation of IPublicClientApplication object. private IPublicClientApplication _app; private IPublicClientApplication App { get { return _app ?? […]

Visual Studio MacOS – iOS App Signing, Provisioning, and TeamID – MSAL Authentication

I have developed a full app in Xamarin on my windows machine, and have the android version working quite well. I am now trying to build this for iOS (for which is specifically purchased a 2020 Mac mini) and I am having one hell of a time. [Preamble] – skippable. First, I had to purchase […]

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