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Unable to handle the cancel VOIP push comes after rejecting the incoming call push

I have already developed a VOIP call app that uses pushkit for VOIP push notification. Our notification server is designed to deliver all cancel notifications along with new incoming call notifications through VOIP push (This behavior can’t be changed as of now). Since it has become mandatory to report all incoming push notifications to callkit […]

Websockets vs. iOS Push Notifications

Take an iOS app like Instagram. Instagram is fundementally a real-time application that updates its UI whenever a user interacts with you. For example, if someone likes your post and you are using the app, the UI is updated to trigger dopamine release and inform you that something has hapened to one of your posts. […]

Debugging push notifications on iOS emulator

I have a xamarin.forms app. I would like to debug push notifications for iOS on an emulator. I have read that in newer versions on xCode I should be able to do that, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. Though the push notifications do come to my app on a real iPhone, […]

By David Shochet
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React Native – Clear previous push notifications on receiving local push notification

I’m using react-native-push-notification for scheduling and generating local push notifications in React Native and I’m trying to clear previously received notification on receiving any scheduled notification or auto remove currently received notification after sometime but I can’t find any way to achieve it on iOS. One way is to use timeoutAfter property provided by the […]

How to send notification from iOS App to Apple Carplay

I want when my iOS App receives Notification, it’s will display on Carplay too. But Apple Document about this topic so simple, have no idea how to implement Anyone can help? Source: Ios Questions

By Jack Huynh
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I want to tap a push notification to open a specific screen in SwiftUI

I am using SwiftUI. I want to open a specific screen other than Root View by clicking the push notification. There are several ways to open it using StoryBoard, but not without StoryBoard. How can I achieve it without using StoryBoard? I tried this, but I’m a beginner, so I don’t know. class AppDelegate: UIResponder, […]

By Ika
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Xamarin.iOS handle push notification when app is not closed

I managed to handle push notification if the app is in the background using the method didReceiveRemoteNotification. Is there a way to handle the push notification if the app is in the foreground and not closed ? Thanks Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Seif Selmi
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iOS Push Notification big payloads on iOS7

With iOS8 Apple has increased the allowed payload size for push notifications to 2K. What will happen if I send the same push notification to iOS7? How will it behave? Source: Ios7 Questions

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