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NO iOS 14.6 Simulator Found Anywhere

I developed an app for a client in React Native. I fixed it for all the versions Apple said it didn’t work on, except 14.6. Apple is saying the app doesn’t work on 14.6. However, I can’t find the 14.6 Simulator anywhere! I’ve also tried downloading Xcode 13 beta, but the Simulator versions skip 14.6 […]

By Adrian Bartyczak
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Record video of Xcode Simulator WITH AUDIO?

I need to record a video of my app to use for the Preview in the App Store. It’s crucial for me to feature the actual app audio (since it’s an interactive educational app for musicians). Xcode Simulator 12.5 has the great new feature of easily recording video… but the recorded video doesn’t include sound. Does […]

By Anton
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ios simulator: how to close an app

When you “run” the simulator from xCode, the app automatically launches, and then you can click the home button to suspend the app. What I want to do is close the app from within the simulator. So, how can this be done? Source: Ios7 Questions

By Chicowitz
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