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Storekit 2 API missing in Xamarin iOS?

I have a legacy Xamarin.iOS app. This app uses store kit. to purchase products, but the method used is marked as obsolete. Here is the obsolete method used by the legacy app : SKPayment.PaymentWithProduct(_subscription); The compiler tells me this method is obsolete, and I should use "From Product" instead. I guess this means I should […]

By Damien Doumer
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Do I have to verify the receipt for every SKPaymentTransaction for subscriptions?

I am implementing auto-renewable subscriptions in my iOS app. My transaction handling looks something like this pseudocode: func paymentQueue(_queue: SKPaymentQueue, updatedTransactions transactions:[SKPaymentTransaction]) { for (t in transactions) { let data = Data(contentsOf: getReceiptUrl()) if verifyReceiptWithServer(data) == .success { print("Verified receipt successfully!") } queue.finishTransaction(t) } } If a subscription renews more than once while my app […]

Handling revoking In-App purchase with iOS 14

I added the new revocation API provided with iOS 14 but i’m still confused about some aspect of it. I tested revoking my subscription using StoreKit Framework and I do enter in the didRevokeEntitlementsForProductIdentifiers callback. But I’m wondering if this will cover all the cases where apple actually revoke access to a user because the […]

By Jaythaking
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