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Xamarin.iOS- How to implement Stepped Progress bar

I have attached screen short I want to implement this stepped progress bar in Xamarin.iOS. Please help any source code regarding to this process in Xamarin.iOS.Thanks Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By zubairz
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Unable to edit storyboards in Xamarin Forms for Windows

I am trying to edit the LaunchScreen.storyboard in my iOS project of my Xamarin Forms solution in Visual Studio (VS) for Windows . When I double click the storyboard to edit it, I receive the error message as follows: "The iOS Designer requires an active connection to a Mac server. Please connect to a Mac […]

By George M Ceaser Jr
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How to place an image to the far right end of a button?

I have a button that has a down arrow image inside of it. I am trying to place the down arrow image to the far right end of the button I tried to use ImageEdgeInsets with a Force right-to-left semantic but with no use as I can’t make it dynamic on every screen size . […]

By Taher El-hares
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Xamarin Forms – iOS debug on actual device hangs on launchscreen. Workin on simulator

I have a XF app already published on the play store and now I am targetting iOS. During developpent I made sure the app was still working on iOS, using the simulator only. On the simulator everything works as expected, the launch screen is shown then the MainPage starts. But when I debug on an […]

By TaiT s
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Objective-C exception thrown. Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Reason: Could not find a storyboard named ‘visit_info’ in bundle NSBundle

I am getting this error whenever I try to access a ViewController from another storyboard programmatically. It seems that my xamarin.ios app is not recognizing the storyboard which is holding the ViewController. My storyboard name is visit_into.storyboard. I have tried the following code UIStoryboard board = UIStoryboard.FromName("visit_info", null); UIViewController ctrl = (visitController)board.InstantiateViewController("visitController"); ctrl.ModalTransitionStyle = UIModalTransitionStyle.CrossDissolve; […]

By Taher El-hares
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How to change Navigation Bar color in iOS 7?

How do I change the Navigation Bar color in iOS 7? Basically I want to achieve something like the Twitter Nav Bar (updated Twitter for iOS7 that is). I embedded-in a nav bar atop a view controller. All I want is to change the nav bar color to light blue along with the utility bar […]

By Patricio Guerra
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