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error response status code was unacceptable: 405

When I try to create PayMentIntent It shows follwing error (see image):- My StripeViewController is: – import UIKit import Stripe import Alamofire import Firebase class StripeViewController: UIViewController, STPAuthenticationContext { // MARK: UIViews var productStackView=UIStackView() var paymentStackView=UIStackView() var productImageView=UIImageView() var productLabel=UILabel() var payButton=UIButton() var loadingSpinner=UIActivityIndicatorView() var outputTextView=UITextView() var paymentTextField=STPPaymentCardTextField() let backendURL : String = "" override […]

By askit
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How to accept Apple Pay with Stripe JS inside WKWebView?

I’m trying to load up a webpage which uses Stripe.js inside a WKWebView on iOS (using Xamarin.Forms). Everything works fine (can take card payments), except for Apple Pay: paymentRequest.canMakePayment() always returns null. The same webpage inside a SFSafariViewController works fine, so the issue seems to be related to restrictions inside WKWebView. However, according to […]

By Strillo
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