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How to identify AppClips is launched by appclip card or by the user by searching the appclip in spotlight

I am working on an appclip, when I scan a QR code, appclip card gets shown and on click of open appclips gets launched and I performed a booking flow. Now next time if user comes to appclips using QR code, then I want to show an alert to user, that there is a booking […]

How can I remove already rendered unneeded Views instead of rendering needed Views?

I am working on a CustomForEach which would act and work like a normal ForEach in SwiftUI, this CustomForEach has it own early days and it has some issues for use for me, which makes me to learn more about SwiftUI and challenge me to try to solve the issues, one of this issues is […]

By User
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Firestore Push Notification "time out" error Notification doesn’t always get sent

I am calling a function from my app that sends a notification out to a specific user on the app. The notification gets sent successfully much of the time but a good amount of times it does not get sent. When it does not get sent I check the logs to see Function execution took […]

By user6520705
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BranchIO Universal Link iOS data only works when long pressing and selecting open with

I have implemented BranchI to handle universal links, I have been through the documentation and as far as I can everything should work. The behaviour I get is that when I long press and select open with ‘myApp’ from the menu all is fine and works as expected. However if I simply click the link, […]

By mhw
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Got this error: nw_protocol_get_quic_image_block_invoke dlopen libquic failed

I was trying to connect my API data to view it in the cell but it seems that I can’t get my response and it’s always == nil The code below describes the Country.SWIFT // Model.SWIFT // Response.SWIFT which is showing how can I get my JSON response using Codable and CountryCell.SWIFT is showing how […]

By Menaim
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How to make a UIDatePicker label invisible still interactive in Xamarin.ios?

I need to open a UIDatePicker programatically in my Xamarin.ios project. Unfortunately it is not allowed and there is no public api. But I got some tricks which are native code from Open UIDatePicker programmatically in iOS 14 I am trying to implement this trick: I managed to add a UIDatePicker on top of […]

By Robin Khan
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UIView take a screenshot when it is not visible

I have a UIView that can be drawn like a finger paint application, but sometimes it is not visible. I want to be able to take a screenshot of it when it is not visible. Also, I want a screenshot where it is visible, but I don’t want any subviews. I just want the UIView […]

By kiener
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Loading a local .scpt file in my Swift project causes error

I’m testing out a Mac app, trying to load my hello.scpt file which is in my Xcode project in the /scripts directory # even though it’s in the scripts folder, `path` will be nil unless the resource value is "hello" let path = Bundle.main.path(forResource: "hello", ofType: "scpt") let url = URL(fileURLWithPath: path!) let scriptObject = […]

By Zack Shapiro
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Xcode 11.1 seems to break

I have upgraded to Xcode 11.1 on Mojave and now the Rewarded Ad example project from FacebookSDK complains that is not working correctly. PodFile # Uncomment the next line to define a global platform for your project platform :ios, ‘11.0’ target ‘testapps’ do # Comment the next line if you don’t want to use […]

By breadfeat john
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Convert .scn scene to usdz (Swift)

I have lost a lot of sleep over this (in the past 3 years). I was hooping that Apple would at least be able to export its own .scn Scenes to USDZ without too much problems. Has anyone been successful in exporting a .scn scene to USDZ from within an app? I have tried this […]

By gm
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