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Xamarin Forms iOS Remote Notifications Not Displaying

Remote Notifications are not displaying on the device. We are using iOS 11.2 and Twilio. We have generated the APN in Apple Developer Portal and exported the certificate and key into Twilio. Twilio says the message is "sent," but it never displays on the device. The goal is to send a message with a simple […]

Twilio voice call not going to custom page in IOS

I am using Twilio for voice call functionality in my IOS application. If the app is in an active state or running in the background its perfectly going to my custom call page and I can take proper action from my custom page like disconnect or something. But in the case of inactive state or […]

Is it possible to send a single message to multiple numbers at a time using Twilio?

I’m developing an app that allows users to add people, info, and Name/phone, or select multiple numbers from their iPhone contact list to send SMS messages to the selected numbers. the problem is Twillio API needs to be call every time per number. Is their any way to call the API once for multiple numbers? […]

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