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UIbutton doesn’t respond to touch events

My view hierarchy is something like this: UIView -> UIStackView -> UIView -> PlayerView -> UIView -> UIStackView UITextField (title) UIButton (close) UIButton (settings) etc… My problem is following…When screen loads, if I click on the close or settings buttons it WORKS. The problem is if I click first to the Player View to play […]

By learningswift
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What is the standard Apple blue colour?

Here’s an extract from … // // UIColor.h // UIKit // // Copyright (c) 2005-2013, Apple Inc. All rights reserved. // …….. // Some convenience methods to create colours. // These colors will be as calibrated as possible. // These colors are cached. + (UIColor *)blackColor; // 0.0 white + (UIColor *)darkGrayColor; // 0.333 white […]

By Fattie
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Setting custom font on all UIButtons

I want to apply a custom font to all buttons in my iOS app i’ve created in Xamarin. I’ve achieved the custom font on labels with the previous code: //Labels UILabel.Appearance.Font = UIFont.FromName(“Lato-Light”,16f); …which affects some but not all buttons for some reason. Then I tried targeting the label on the button like so: var […]

By cheriana
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Color Tint UIButton Image

I noticed that when I place a white or black UIImage into a UISegmentedControl it automatically color masks it to match the tint of the segmented control. I thought this was really cool, and was wondering if I could do this elsewhere as well. For example, I have a bunch of buttons that have a […]

By Logan Shire
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Button in UITableViewCell not responding under ios 7

I have one tableview and each cell contains one button. It’s working pretty well all iOS versions but 7. I don’t know what’s going on. The cell is constructed in one xib file. Could anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance. Source: Ios7 Questions

By Xavier
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