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How to convert an image from a UIImageView to base64 in xamarin.ios?

I am trying to convert the image inside of the UImageView to base64 so I can insert into the database . I have tried this function to convert it to byte array: public byte[] datareturn() { using (var memoryStream = new MemoryStream()) { thisimageview.Image.AsJPEG().AsStream().CopyTo(memoryStream); return memoryStream.ToArray(); } } and in code I use : string […]

By Taher El-hares
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How to set a static height and width for a UIImageView in xamarin iOS

So i’m working on a CustomRenderer for a Picker in which i need an image to the right side of the picker, i was able to do that, but the image size is too big, how can i set a static size to it, i tried doing this, but i’m not sure if i’m on […]

By Venky
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backgroundColor of UIImageView is ignored on iOS7?

Before iOS7, a code like this worked fine on UIImageView’s subclass. But not working any more. -(id) initWithFrame:(CGRect) frame{ self = [super initWithFrame:frame]; if(self){ self.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor]; } return self; } I also checked this on InterfaceBuilder. And again, the value of backgroundColor of UIImageView won’t change anything… All of those works on UIView… […]

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