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How to open a UIPickerView on click of UITextField’s Rightview in Xamrin IOS customrenderer

I have a created a custom Picker with downarrow image at right side using UITextFied in Xamarin ios. When I click the downarrow, the picker is not opening. But when the click centre of the UITextField, the picker is opening. How to open the pickerview when click of downarrow? [assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(CustomMonthPicker), typeof(CustomMonthPickerRenderer))] namespace AMS.iOS.CustomRenderer { […]

How to hide the scroller in a Xamarin Forms Custom PickerRenderer

Not sure if it is a Xamarin IOS bug but on the same panel we have a custom control that pops a modal view of choices(like a picker) and a standard Xamarin Forms Picker. If the standard picker is displaying the scroller at the bottom and then then custom modal control is tapped and receives […]

By JamesinGreerSC
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How to make multi column picker in xamarin forms?

I need to create a picker which have 2 columns in xamarin forms like timepicker. I am using Picker control. Is there any way through which we can make multiple columns in Picker? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

How to make a UIDatePicker appear at bottom of screen?

I currently use MonoTouch with MonoTouch.Dialog. When tapping on a date field it pushes the navigationcontroller so you go right a screen to see your UIDatePicker where you choose the date then go “back” to the main screen again. I’d really like to have this UI like other apps I’ve used that when you select […]

By Neal
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