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SWIFT: How to fix cell highlighter and make the whole collection view scroll instead of the highlighter?

I am building a TVOS app where I have this collectionView: The current cell (The cell which has scrolled to), gets highlighted in Orange. For example, here the user scrolls to the third cell: WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACHIEVE: When the user scrolls to another cell, I want the Orange square, to remain in […]

By Ahmed Ghrib
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_adjustContentOffsetIfNecessary – UIScrollView automatically scrolls to top

On iOS 7. I have navigation controller and I push a new VC on top of the stack. That new VC has a UIScrollView that fills the VC’s root view and scrolls vertically. If I scroll down a little bit and then try to use ‘swipe to go back’ / ‘swipe to pop’ gesture, the […]

why UIScrollView is leaving space from top in ios 6 and ios 7

I have turned off Autolayout and viewcontroller is embedded in navigation controller. I am using Xcode 5, Storyboard. I don’t understand why is it leaving space from top. Actually in storyboard i have put my label exactly below navigation bar. But when i run it on simulator then it leaves space from top. One of […]

By bhavya kothari
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Can I use a UIRefreshControl in a UIScrollView?

I have about 5 UIScrollView‘s already in my app which all load multiple .xib files. We now want to use a UIRefreshControl. They are built to be used with UITableViewControllers (per UIRefreshControl class reference). I do not want to re-do how all 5 UIScrollView work. I have already tried to use the UIRefreshControl in my […]

By SirRupertIII
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