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Can I load dummy cells into an UITableView until I receive data?

We want to smoothen the data loading in our UITableView by adding custom dummy cells until we receive real data. We would like the custom cell to look something like this: Is it possible to do something like that? We saw similar loading indicators in other apps but have no idea how to implement them.. […]

By Ben
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Uitable view cell duplicating issue swift

I am creating a chat application in which i am creating speech bubbles. The issue is cell is overlapped when scrolling uitable view. I have gone through many solution , but didn’t worked. My code follows: var cell:chatBubble? = tableView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdentifier:"cell1") as? chatBubble if cell == nil { tableView.register(UINib.init(nibName: "chatBubble", bundle: nil), forCellReuseIdentifier: "cell1") let arrNib:Array […]

By user2702179
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access stored values from a tableViewCell and save them to firebaseDatabase

I have a tableViewCell that has a range slider inside of it. I would like the values from the range slider to be saved to firebase when the user hits handleSave(). I can print out the values when the user slides the range slider inside the tableViewCell, but I cannot save this value from the […]

By zach wilcox
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Issue in Removing UITableViewCell Selection – MvvmCross / Xamarin.iOS

I have a ViewController which contains a TableView and that table view cell contains another TableView. I need to remove cell selection of the child TableView just after tapping on relevant cell, but I can’t find a way to get my work done. This is my code Parent TableViewCell Class public partial class ParentTableViewCell : […]

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Displaying and Playing MPMediaItem songs in retrieved + last played order

I’m building an app that makes use of MPMusicPlayerApplicationController to play music from a user’s local music library. The songs from the library are retrieved like so: func retrieveMusic() { mediaQueryQueue.async { let songsQuery = MPMediaQuery.songs() let songsCollections = songsQuery.collections for songCollection in songsCollections ?? [] { let songs = songCollection.items self.retrievedSongs.append(contentsOf: songs) } DispatchQueue.main.async […]

What is a good approach to sharing a data model between a table/collection view controller and its associated diffable data source subclass?

I have a UITableViewController with a model property declared in it. When migrating from UITableViewDataSource protocol conformance to a subclass of UITableViewDiffableDataSource outside of the table view controller, the model is no longer accessible in the data source. What would be a recommended approach to sharing a data model between the two, so say a […]

UITableView drag and drop a cell onto another cell?

I have a UITableView with a Drag and Drop delegate set up. I am able to drag cells between other cells in the UITableView but it does not seem like there is a delegate method for what happens if I drag a cell on top of another cell, in which case I want to combine […]

By aritroper
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tvOS: Unable to scroll through UICollectionView items when it is implemented like this: UICollectionView inside UITableView

I have implemented this: By following this tutorial. Here’s the problem: I am unable to scroll through the collection items. I think this has something to do with the fact that the project I followed is for iOS and my project is for tvOS. I’ve found a somewhat similar question. An answer linked to this […]

By Ahmed Ghrib
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TableView Cells not formatting correctly unless image is cached

I am having an issue with my tableview, where the cells don’t orient correctly before an image is cached, and only once I return back to a page and my image is cached do they orient correctly. Here is an example of what I am talking about, the first image is when I first go […]

By Wana B3 Nerd
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Create expandable tableview in Xamarin.iOS?

I am trying to create an expandable table view using Xamarin.iOS with accordion type functionality. For example there will be some rows initially and taping on any row the cell will expand to some other rows in the table view. Thanks! Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Sriramana
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