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Is there a way to render Views as Entities in RealityKit?

I’ve been trying to find a way to display UIViews as 3d objects in my ARView. I have been trying to create a sort-of a box which would act as a display to contain a UIView but with no luck. This answer provides a solution for SceneKit, but the same does not seem to work […]

By Volt
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How to add a 1 pixel gray border around a UISearchBar TextField

I’m trying to figure out how to add a 1 pixel stroke gray border to my UISearchBar in my app. The Facebook Messenger app accomplishes this quite well. (see pic below). I know there is a background image property of UISearchBar, but I believe that is not the right thing to use, as it stretches […]

By klcjr89
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How to make translucent to UIView in iOS7

In navigation bar, i can make translucent navigation bar style. But i can not make in UIView like that. How can I make translucent style in UIView? Source: Ios7 Questions

By SukruK
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How to make a UIDatePicker appear at bottom of screen?

I currently use MonoTouch with MonoTouch.Dialog. When tapping on a date field it pushes the navigationcontroller so you go right a screen to see your UIDatePicker where you choose the date then go “back” to the main screen again. I’d really like to have this UI like other apps I’ve used that when you select […]

By Neal
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