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When iPhone is locked we can’t approve or deny notification from apple watch

I can’t approve or deny notification from apple watch in my Xamarin app, it’s happened only when the iPhone is locked. This case was not working after updating to xamarin.ios SDK 13 everything is working fine before the update? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

An error occurred loading this property page Visual Studio 2019

I am facing this issue, Restarted visual studio and machine not working. Even repair visual studio also not solved this issue. Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

Couldn’t add Apple Id into Visual Studio 2019

I have read similar questions but they doesn’t fit my situation. So I have developer Apple Id account (and I agreed with Apple terms&conditions) and I can use it on the Mac both in XCode and Visual Studio. But when I’m trying to add the same account into Visual Studio on my desktop: I get […]

By Miamy
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Xamrin ZXing for iPhone does not fire event for scan result, but works on Android

Question about Xamarin App with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin using nuget ZXing barcode scanner library. I try the code in It works on Android, but not on iPhone. The scanner view shows up, but there is never a result event.  I implemented all as described. I tried several versions of nuget packages. I could […]

By wado55
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Objective-C exception thrown. Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Reason: Could not find a storyboard named ‘visit_info’ in bundle NSBundle

I am getting this error whenever I try to access a ViewController from another storyboard programmatically. It seems that my xamarin.ios app is not recognizing the storyboard which is holding the ViewController. My storyboard name is visit_into.storyboard. I have tried the following code UIStoryboard board = UIStoryboard.FromName("visit_info", null); UIViewController ctrl = (visitController)board.InstantiateViewController("visitController"); ctrl.ModalTransitionStyle = UIModalTransitionStyle.CrossDissolve; […]

By Taher El-hares
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How to convert byte array to bitmap in xamarin.ios?

I am trying to convert byte array to a bitmap in my xamarin.ios app but it’s not working. I have tried using Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(imageArray, 0, imageArray.Length); but with the error CS0103: The name ‘BitmapFactory’ does not exist in the current context. Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Taher El-hares
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Xamarin – Remote Mac emulation

I’m running Visual Studio 2019 on a Windows 10 machine and have developed a simple Xamarin app. I’ve got a Mac mini, with XCode on it, on the same network. In VS when I select the IOS project and choose debug the Mac mini successfully pairs to the Windows machine. However, nothing is displaying or […]

By Marc
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Build fails VS 2019 – Could not find part of the path .nib

I can build the solution fine in macOS but in VS 2019 (latest) but cannot build the same solution in VS 2019. Latest stables installed, latest versions of VS 2019 and VS for Mac. I keep getting the error below. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error CS1566 Error reading resource ‘__monotouch_content_Bugreport.storyboardc_fFeedbackNavController.nib’ — […]

By Neal
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Windows Visual Studio 2019 doesn’t detect iphone XR iOS 13.4.1

I’m new to xamarin. I wrote a simple “Hello World” app using VS 2019 on Windows 10 which runs successfully on the emulators. I have an iMAC on my network and it is successfully connected to my Windows visual studio on Win10 machine. No update warnings or mismatch version error message(s) during the paring of […]

By Zuzlx
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