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Failed to synchronize [email protected] account with Apple Developer Portal.Failed to resolve forward links for Apple Develop Portal client

I’m loosing my nerves with this apple products… i want to add my Apple Developer Account to Visual Studio for Mac (V8.10.4 Build 11). But I get this error: "Failed to synchronize [email protected] account with Apple Developer Portal." "Failed to resolve forward links for Apple Develop Portal client. Reason: Please check your internet connection or […]

Running Xamarin iOS app with locally compiled Mono from source

I am able to build my Xamarin iOS app successfully in Visual Studio on Mac with the Xamarin.iOS and Mono tooling that comes with it. I have also downloaded Mono source from Git (, compiled it and installed it on my Mac in parallel with Xamarin. Now, I want to build my Xamarin app with […]

By coder andy
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Visual studio for Mac’s intellisense stopped working

I’m working on a xamarin native project, with iOS and Android projects separately. on windows, I can open the solution and work on it without any problem. But when I open it on VS for Mac, intellisense can’t recognise types properly and it doesn’t make any suggestions. I can still build the project, and work, […]

Visual Studio Mac App Publishing (from archive) error: parameter name "key" cannot be null

I have some issue during the publishing of my first ios app from vs for mac! Here are the steps that i’ve done to signing and (trying to) distributing the app: Distribution Channel: App Store Destination: upload on App Store Connect Recap of distribution certificate and provisioning profile Login with Apple Dev Account App ready […]

By feduss
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Visual Studio MacOS – iOS App Signing, Provisioning, and TeamID – MSAL Authentication

I have developed a full app in Xamarin on my windows machine, and have the android version working quite well. I am now trying to build this for iOS (for which is specifically purchased a 2020 Mac mini) and I am having one hell of a time. [Preamble] – skippable. First, I had to purchase […]

By aescript
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Xamarin iOS Binding Library Native Framework’s Bundles Not Recognized in the Application

In my Xamarin.iOS application, I referenced my binding library which is have 4 objective-c framework in it. Two of the frameworks use bundle files for verification. Xamarin.iOS recognize one of them but not the other. I placed .bundles in the Resources folder as a folder and set the build action as BundleResources but nothing change. […]

By Tu e Arar
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Xamarin – ITMS-90683: Missing Purpose String in Info.plist

I’m developing an app using Xamarin Forms (Android and iOS). I have the first app version ready, and I’m trying to upload it to TestFlight in order to test the app with different users. In order to reduce the ipa size, I’m setting the linker behavior to “Link framework SDKs only”. After reducing the ipa […]

By Dani Garcia
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I receive the following error in DidCompleteWitherror: Error Code 1000 I’m using the following code to sign in to Apple var appleIdProvider = new ASAuthorizationAppleIdProvider(); var request = appleIdProvider.CreateRequest(); request.RequestedScopes = new ASAuthorizationScope[] { ASAuthorizationScope.Email, ASAuthorizationScope.FullName }; var authController = new ASAuthorizationController(new[] { request }); authController.Delegate = this; authController.PresentationContextProvider = this; authController.PerformRequests(); … [Export(“authorizationController:didCompleteWithAuthorization:”)] […]

Use both Xcode 10.2.x and Xcode 11b together with Visual Studio 2019 Mac/Xamarin

This is likely a time-sensitive issue (it’s now 06/2019 and I expect VS2019 to be updated to support Xcode11 when it’s out of beta) but I’d like to continue to use Xcode 10.2 and the associated tooling with Visual Studio 2019 for Mac while at the same time exploring some of the new features of […]

By Robin Macharg
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