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Pre-Load pages on xamarin forms

I was searching for tricks to make my Xamarin Forms app faster, and I came across this article. Well, I have tried out some options there but I am finding it difficult to achieve the last option that says; Pre-Load screens: This improved by a lot the performance on the app itself what we did […]

By Pat Nadis
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How to prevent android and Ios device display size chnages in xamarin?

Currently, I have applied the following code to prevent the font size changes in android it is work for font size changes but it is not working for display size changes to (low, medium, high) in some specific device. The UI text is overlapping. public override Resources Resources { get { Resources res = base.Resources; […]

By Gajanan Naragude
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Set secondary color of all views

image of an Editor Like shown in the image above my secondary color for all my views is pink. But I want it to be a different one. Where can I set the Color globally? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By FireBird
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how can i change placeholder position in xamarin from on focus

I want to change placeholder position on focus in entry, place holder slide to up on top of the entry border with animation linear by using custom renderer, and can be avail to set margin and padding for placeholder Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Shashank Mishra
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Xamarin.Forms How to make the Buttons appear in one line

How to make the Buttons appear in one line This is my Code behind namespace RowCounter.Forms { public partial class MainPage : ContentPage { public int Number = 1; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); } public object Children { get; private set; } void OnButtonClicked(object sender, EventArgs e) { Button button = new Button { Text […]

By Ven Saman
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Is there an available event (in xamarin or platform-specific) which can be used to listen to any change in device time by the user?

I have a Xamarin Forms application and the requirement to listen to device time-related changes done by the user. Is there any available event either in Xamarin or specific platforms (android, iOS and UWP) which can serve the purpose? Expected Scenario: User sets the time through settings of the device. Xamarin application gets notified of […]

xamarin – image is not displaying in release

I am using xamarin.forms and visual studio following code works fine in debug or release mode. image shows up just fine. companyLogo_white.svg is inside my shared project and build-action is embedded resource issue: I than launched this app on playstore. Issue is that this image doesn’t get displayed. i have no idea as to what […]

By stacker
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Why the ScrollView is not working inside FlyoutHeaderTemplet?

<Shell.FlyoutHeaderTemplate> <DataTemplate> <ScrollView> <StackLayout> ………………………………. <StackLayout/> <ScrollView/> </DataTemplate> </Shell.FlyoutHeaderTemplate> There is a lot of content inside the StackLayout which is being cut off. Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

Using Materialpickerrender once pick and cancel button Title shows top in Xamarin forms

We are using visual material picker control in our app. If I select anything from the picker popup title shows the top and selected value below. If I click cancel from the picker popup title also shows top. It should be in the default state. How to resolve this xamarin forms android and ios? internal […]

By newxamarin
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How to Trigger event Cancel Button on SearchBar Xamarin Form

Xamarin Form View Model can trigger the onTextChange Event for Searchbar but there is no Event handler for OnCancelButtonClicked. What I want: An Event should be Triggered whenever Cancel/Close Button is clicked as below. Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

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