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How do Image Click Event works on Xamarin Forms – iOS Apps?

I am relatively new to Xamarin Forms : iOS Apps. Just like any other Apps, I have to create an event on an Image. Home , Back , Account setting. Whether these events are fired on Image Button Event ? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By goofyui
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Is there a way to disable Auto Capitalisation on Xamarin Forms ‘Entry’ XAML

I have just started working in Xamarin and am writing an App targeting iOS and Android. I’m trying to keep pretty much all of my UI design in the common library between them and am starting to find the lines a bit blurred. My current requirement is to disable the auto-capitalisation on the ‘Entry’ tag […]

By The Senator
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How to play video in video player in xamarin forms?

I am working in xamarin forms. I am trying to play video in Video Player. For the same I have used this sample code from github but problem is when I put “” link to VideoPlayer_CustomRender.cs file Video is play properly. but when I put any youtube link this is not working and show […]

Xamarin Forms iOS Deploy with simulator Failed To Install ERROR

I installed xamarin on the mac and followed the instructions here to to allow remote logins (so that I can use a simulator on my windows machine), I was able to connect via mac agent without problems, however when I run i get this error: Was wondering if any of you had these problems? When […]

By fattikus
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Set a custom default font for whole Xamarin.iOS app?

I have a custom font that I want to set as the default font for the whole Xamarin.iOS app without specifying the size. How can I achieve this? I already found a similar question here, however this refers to a non-Xamarin iOS app. Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Adnan Umer
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Xamarin Forms: How do I implement WebSockets?

We want to transfer data from a client to a server in realtime, so we have decided to go with WebSockets. Using Xamarin.Forms it was surprisingly difficult to find a suitable WebSocket library. The best match was “WebSocket4Net” because it is directly suggested on Xamarin’s Homepage. However I was not able to install this library, […]

By Shanakor
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How can I create right-aligned items in the ui with Xamarin.Forms?

I try create this page with StackLayout and Grid, but I can’t align rightы controls to right side. Maybe I should use RelativeLayout? But I don’t know how align controls to right side this is my page: UPD. I solved this problem by putting StackLayout with HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.EndAndExpand to each grid cell (in […]

By Brian
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