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Xamarin.iOS binding library that depends on FirebaseCore

I need to bind library for Xamarin.iOS which has many dependencies, such as Firebase/Core and Firebase/Messaging. Following that doc, I have created a proxy project, generated the fat release, used sharpie to create the ApiDefinitions, generated the dll with a Binding Project in Visual Studio for Mac, and finaly used it in a Xamarin.iOS project […]

By Maxime Esprit
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Xamarin iOS binding library (Swift) build error due linker issues

I have Xamarin.iOS project and I’m trying to use Vivalnk sdk (a Swift 5 framework) in it. I’m attempting to walk through this guide: So, I used objective sharpie to generate ApiDefinitions.cs and StructsAndEnums.cs files. Once used this command : (Objective c) sharpie bind –sdk=iphoneos14.2 –output="XamarinApiDef" –namespace="Binding" –scope="/VivalnkSDK.framework/Headers/" "/VivalnkSDK.framework/Headers/VVBleManager.h" and once used this : […]

By Yaser Moradi
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How can I debug a "Failed to install" message?

I am currently attempting to develop a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.forms. As a part of this application I need to include a 3rd party .framework in my Xamarin.iOS project. I have successfully created a Xamarin.iOS Bindings Library .dll and included it in my project. I am able to reference the library and compile without […]

By Sam Rogers
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How combine multiple visibility properties binding (fluent) in MvvmCross for iOS?

i want to combine these 2 properties: set.Bind(myObject).For(“Visibility”).To(vm => vm.property1).WithConversion(“Visibility”); set.Bind(myObject).For(“Visibility”).To(vm => vm.property2).WithConversion(“Visibility”); I read something like this for Android local:MvxBind=”Visibility Visibility(And(property1, property2))” But don’t know how to translate to fluent, how can i do? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By El0din
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