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CollectionView width is not correct in Xamarin forms iOS Portrait/Landscape mode

I have a Xamarin app and I am using a collection view for displaying items. The Width of items are correct for the first time then switch back to Landscape mode then switch back to portrait mode and the width of items list taking the previous landscape mode width. I am also receiving the exception […]

C# Xamarin.Forms ios Navigation.PushAsync not working properly

I have xamrin.forms project with both Android and iOS. I have just simple 2 pages where i call one from the other. On android everything is working perfectly as it should but on iOS any call for forms (navigation.PushAsync, DisplayAlert, …) is not working properly (does nothing) until I put application to the sleep (put […]

By jsoch
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Measure network traffic at TCP level in Xamarin iOS

I have a Xamarin Forms application, whose main target is iOS, that periodically makes some network calls. I need to measure the total data transfer of the application and the total data transfer of a particular API call. I’m using the ModernHttpClient as Http client and I can measure the Header and Content length of […]

By matte colo
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Is there an available event (in xamarin or platform-specific) which can be used to listen to any change in device time by the user?

I have a Xamarin Forms application and the requirement to listen to device time-related changes done by the user. Is there any available event either in Xamarin or specific platforms (android, iOS and UWP) which can serve the purpose? Expected Scenario: User sets the time through settings of the device. Xamarin application gets notified of […]

I’m trying to update my iOS app Xamarin " /usr/bin/codesign exited with code 1 " [closed]

I’m trying to update my app using Xamarin.forms , while Archiving. it shows 2 error 1- /usr/bin/codesign exited with code 1 2- no debug symbols in executable (-arch arm64) I create everything as usual but I don’t know way it doesn’t accept archiving here is some pic for problems Image1 image2 image Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Tariq Alsunaydih
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How to avoid Robotic sound when playing video in IOS xamarin forms?

Now am facing issue in ios when playing video background sounds like robotic in Video while compression and uploaded in webserver sounds like distrated in xamarin forms ios. How to improve the qauality of sound in video, How to resolve this? NSError error = new NSError(); var outputURL = new NSUrl(outputPath); using (AVAsset asset = […]

By newxamarin
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IOS Simulator rotates despite Info.plist [duplicate]

My Situation: I have selected in the Infoplist file for IOS that my app should only run in landscape mode. In spite of this, in the simulator, when I turn the Ipad, I can still go into portrait mode. Unfortunately, I can’t try it out on physical devices because I don’t have one yet. Can […]

By JZ2000
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Xamarin.IOS SDK not compatible with Visual Studio 2022

I’m trying to connect VS 2022 Preview 1 with my Macbook Pro, however, I’m getting the following error around the iOS SDK: Tried searching the web for but there’s not "installer" I can use to run on the Mac. I’m assuming the version of Visual Studio for Mac has not been updated accordingly, so […]

By JadedEric
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Getting id out of UbiquityIdentityToken’s NSObject in Xamarin

I am wondering how to get an id out of UbiquityIdentityToken’s NSObject in Xamarin. The apple docs says that the id is a property: @property(nullable, readonly, copy) id<NSObject, NSCopying, NSCoding> ubiquityIdentityToken; What get I in when debugging is: How can I get a the id C# string out of the NSObject? It is accessed like: […]

By lolelo
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Is there a way to detect a redirect in iOS when using WKNavigationDelegate

I’m using Xamarin.Forms to create an app for both iOS and Android that is primarily a web browser for my company’s platform. I’m trying to detect a redirect and in Android I’ve had no issue. I’m using WKWebview for iOS, have a customized WkWebViewRenderer and a customized WKNavigationDelegate attached. In Android I’m doing much the […]

By Gleasonator
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