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Xamarin Forms: custom entry with inline tag support [closed]

I’m trying to build a XF app which will allow users to enter text and tag a list of places (similar to how you would tag someone on WhatsApp, Outlook app, or even Twitter’s hashtag). I’m still starting out with XF. Could anyone point me in the correct direction? The most I’ve found is the […]

By BeginnerCoder
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MvvmCross Xamarin.Forms Modal Dialogs

I’m just trying to make my first app with MvvmCross but I already encounter a problem for my app and can’t find anything on the web for that. I want to open a specific page as a modal dialog on supported devices (eg. iPads). For my non MvvmCross applications I do this with Rg.Plugin.Popup but […]

By Sebastian
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multiple_matching_tokens_detected exception in authContext.AcquireTokenAsync

In mobile app, I have written ADAL authentication logic which is working for most of the users. var authContext = new AuthenticationContext(authority); var controller = UIApplication.SharedApplication.KeyWindow.RootViewController; var uri = new Uri(returnUri); var platformParams = new PlatformParameters(controller); var authResult = await authContext.AcquireTokenAsync(resource, clientId, uri, platformParams); Only 2-3 odd users are getting below exception. {Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AdalException: multiple_matching_tokens_detected: The […]

By San9211
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How feasible it is to change App icon of a Xamarin application based on certain notification statuses that it receives

I would like to know if there is any way that helps to change application launcher icon based on the notification status it receives using xamarin. Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

Xamarin Forms iOS status bar text color

I am unable to change the status bar text color of my Xamarin Forms iOS app to white. I have change in my info.plist as follow: <key>UIStatusBarStyle</key> <string>UIStatusBarStyleLightContent</string> <key>UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance</key> <false/> Yet the color still remain black.. Is there another way to change the status bar text color? Source: Xamarin.ios Questions

By Huby03
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Prompt User to enable bluetooth in Xamarin Forms

Are there any workaround which I can use to prompt a user to enable bluetooth in Xamarin Forms / C#? Like a Display Alert with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for prompting the user to switch on the bluetooth in case its not enabled. If the user selects, ‘Yes’, the bluetooth is enabled. Please help me to […]

By crazydev
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Xamarin – Convert image to byte array

I use a media plugin to take or pick a photo from either an Android device or iOS device. I then want to tweet that image using LINQtoTwitter. In order to do that the image needs to be in the format bytes[]. How would I convert my image to bytes in order to upload? Code […]

By Bradley Jarvis
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DoubleClick Native Template Ads using Xamarin iOS

We are trying to load DoubleClick Native Template Ads using the Google.MobileAds for iOS in Xamarin. We load the Native Ad using the following code: AdLoader adLoader = new AdLoader(adUnitId, this, new NSObject[]{ AdLoaderType.NativeCustomTemplate }, new AdLoaderOptions[] { }); adLoader.Delegate = new MyCustomNativeCustomTemplateAdLoaderDelegate(new string[] { templateId }, holderUI, onAdLoaded, onAdFailed); adLoader.LoadRequest(Google.MobileAds.DoubleClick.Request.GetDefaultRequest()); In most cases, ads […]

By Zez3
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Xamarin "The executable was signed with invalid entitlements"

I want to test my created iOS app on my iPhone. The build was successful but while xamarin studio tries to transfer the file via usb to my iPhone i got the following error: VerifyingApplication: 70% PercentComplete: 40 Status: VerifyingApplication ApplicationVerificationFailed: Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/<APPName>.app : 0xe8008016 (The executable was signed with […]

Xamarin.iOS doesn’t load dark theme

I’m having some problems on loading my dark theme on Xamarin.iOS. I followed these steps (including troubleshooting): It works fine in my Android project but doesn’t load in my IOS version. Here is the code of my AppDelegate: using Foundation; using UIKit; namespace T3.iOS { [Register(“AppDelegate”)] public partial class AppDelegate :global::Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.FormsApplicationDelegate { public override […]

By Joris Meylaers
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