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Is there an available event (in xamarin or platform-specific) which can be used to listen to any change in device time by the user?

I have a Xamarin Forms application and the requirement to listen to device time-related changes done by the user. Is there any available event either in Xamarin or specific platforms (android, iOS and UWP) which can serve the purpose? Expected Scenario: User sets the time through settings of the device. Xamarin application gets notified of […]

Header issue in MasterDetail page of Xamarin forms UWP

I’m using MasterDetail page in my Xamarin.Forms app for UWP. When i click on menu icon and then navigate to other page from that menu, an extra header appear on that page. But while menu is open, that header goes away like below. When navigate from menu, page looks like this: But while menu open, […]

By HarshShah
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Xamarin Forms: custom entry with inline tag support [closed]

I’m trying to build a XF app which will allow users to enter text and tag a list of places (similar to how you would tag someone on WhatsApp, Outlook app, or even Twitter’s hashtag). I’m still starting out with XF. Could anyone point me in the correct direction? The most I’ve found is the […]

By BeginnerCoder
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