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iOS Application Doesn’t Fill iPhone Screen

I am writing an iPhone app using Xamarin. My UIViewController does not fill the entire screen, there is a gap above and below. Here is a screen shot from the simulator. I have changed the colour scheme to make the gaps more obvious The screen design was done in Xcode below is a screen shot […]

By JDibble
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NSClassFromString() always returns nil

The following code prints nil, despite ListCell is a valid class. var lCellClass : AnyClass! = NSClassFromString(“ListCell”); println(lCellClass); The docs are saying that method returns The class object named by aClassName, or nil if no class by that name is currently loaded. If aClassName is nil, returns nil. I also tried to get NSClassFromString() of […]

By Stefan
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Convert from PCM to WAV. Is it Possible?

I have an application for iPAD. This application records the voice of the microphone. The audio formats of the item must be PCM, MP3 and WAV files. The MP3 file I get it starting from the original raw file and then convert using LAME. Unfortunately I have not found any example that allows me to […]

By macuser
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Installing iOS apps without Apple Developer Program on iOS 7

I’m trying to install my iOS app on to devices running iOS 7.0. I can install them on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1 jailbroken. But currently I’m not able to do so on a friend iPad 4 with iOS 7.0. For installing them on JB devices I’m using JailCoder . It works without any […]

Xcode error : Distill failed for unknown reasons

Does anybody know why this error happens on Xcode 5? Answer I had this problem when I accidentally renamed a .psd as a .png. Converting the image to an actual png instead of a Photoshop file fixed it for me. Source: Ios7 Questions

By Fury
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