There are missing files when I archived from custom build configuration


We have different build configurations in our project, like the release, debug, sandbox, etc. The interesting case is when I archived from the release or debug build configuration, all archive files extracted as expected as shown in Image 1, but If I change build configuration to sandbox, some files and folders are missing as shown in Image 2.

Although we created custom build configurations by duplicating from debug or release, the archive doesn’t contain all files or folders like in Image 1.

We use carthage(for internal network) and cocoapods(for others) as a dependency manager.

enter image description here

I tried many suggestions but couldn’t find a solution.


setting skip install to NO in build settings,
removing all archive and derived data files, clean and re-archive,
giving the archive folder to read & write permission

Thank you all

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You should make sure that those files are included in Build Phases -> Copy Bundle Resources

Rickie Luettgen

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