TouchID authentication inside Siri Intent Extension


I have an Intent Extension with the View category that is working pretty good for showing an app info.

Now I need to enable TouchID for security reasons, so the user needs to authenticate before requesting the info.

I tried this:

func handle(intent: GetSaldoIntent, completion: @escaping (GetSaldoIntentResponse) -> Void) {

    let myContext = LAContext()

    localizedReason: "Unlock to see the info",
    reply: { [unowned self] (success, error) -> Void in
        if( success ) {
            completion(GetSaldoIntentResponse.success(saldo: String(self.paymentProvider.balance)))
        completion(GetSaldoIntentResponse(code: .failureRequiringAppLaunch, userActivity: nil))

But the TouchID dialog closes the Siri screen and then the conversation ends:


Is there a way to request for TouchId validation inside an Intent Extension?

I know PKPayment do something similar, but this isn’t a transaction so I can’t use ApplePay.

Source: Ios

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Siri already supports the authorisation, you just need to let Siri know that your intent requires authorisation rather implementing authorisation yourself. Hope that helps you:

Elyse Yundt

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