Trying to debug native iOS App with VS 2019


I’m trying to use V22019 to install and debug a native iOS project.

I ‘ve followed instructions from here, installed Node from here.

The app builds and installs to my device (note: only over USB. If trying in WiFi mode, I got an error Failed to fetch the first device. Reason: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined).

However the application won’t run. Tried (from here):

sudo chmod 777 /var/db/lockdown
brew uninstall ios-webkit-debug-proxy
brew uninstall ideviceinstaller
brew uninstall libimobiledevice

brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice
brew install --HEAD ideviceinstaller
brew install --HEAD ios-webkit-debug-proxy

At the OSX level my console looks like this:

Device.installApp executing command: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/vcremote/node_modules/ios-deploy/build/Release/ios-deploy --id 355c4a7afbd0e98ac9596c146fa1d051e9b2b3fe --nostart --bundle "/Volumes/DATA/r/F/ITOOLS/Tralala/Tralala/ARM64/Debug//" --timeout 5
Installed app on device: 'iPad'
GET /projects/2df69712-b4b8-43f3-9ada-fc50ca3fa6b1/build/ce4ed9aa-f673-4c78-99cb-968e2dc5bb7c/install?ver=1.4.0& 200 5856ms
Debug Listener already listening
GET /debug/appRemotePath?package=com.Tralala&deviceUdid=xxxx 404 38ms - 196b

In Visual Studio, I’m getting this error:

Unable to start debugging. Unexecpted failure trying to reach vcremote: NotFound

First, the package name is invalid. But even If I changed it to com.Tralala, the same problem, 404.

Why? Do I miss something?

Note that the app won’t debug in the Simulator either, it runs there but VS hangs to a message “Wait for application to launch. Please (re)launch …”

I checked instructions from here as well, no luck. It seems it can’t find the app installed, but the app is there and libimobiledevice can see it.

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