Unable to read disambiguation result in INAddTasksIntent

In my app, users can add tasks to lists via Sirikit (example Siri intent query: “In MyApp add to expense list 100 dollars for jeans”). if the list suggested is not available in the app, I ask for disambiguation.

the result from multiple choice in disambiguation is not captured in resolveTargetTaskList.

intent.targetTaskList?.title is the value I passed in the first try. as a result, it enters an infinite loop.

func resolveTargetTaskList(for intent: INAddTasksIntent, with completion: @escaping (INTaskListResolutionResult) -> Void) {  
    guard let title = intent.targetTaskList?.title else {  
        print("no title value")              
    completeResolveTaskList(listName: intent.targetTaskList!.title, with: completion)  

public func completeResolveTaskList(listName: INSpeakableString, with completion: @escaping (INTaskListResolutionResult) -> Void) {  
    let allLists = getAllLists()  
    for index in 0...(allLists.count - 1) {  
        if allLists[index].spokenPhrase.lowercased() == listName.spokenPhrase.lowercased() {  
            completion(.success(with: taskLists[index]))  

    switch allLists.count {  
    case 0:  
        completion(.disambiguation(with: taskLists))  

screenshot for reference:


Please help me.

Source: Ios