Users Not Receiving Push Notifications Just From Me

I have a messaging app and I use Parse server as my backend.

Push notifications work just fine between my users, however whenever I send a message from my user account, the recipient does not get a push notification (even though it looks like it was delivered to APNS just fine). If I log in with another users account on my phone, push notifs are delivered fine, but as soon as I log back into my own account, push notifs are not received by others.

My code is not doing anything different for my user than it is for others. The message is saved to the database just fine (recipients can manually refresh to get my messages on their app – they just don’t get the push notif).

It seems like APNS for some reason is not delivering just the push notifs for my user.

Anybody experience anything like this before? Or any ideas how I can debug this?

Source: Ios Questions