Why can I install my app on ios 14.1 but not 14.2?


Ever since installing XCode 12.2, I can’t install our app on simulators running ios 14.2. I downloaded 14.1 and simulators running 14.1 install the app just fine. Tellingly, my coworker does not have this problem even though he’s running the same version of xcode, so a problem with my setup seems likely.

I’ve tried uninstalling xcode and reinstalling. I’ve deleted the derivedData folder. Nothing seems to help.

The app builds just fine, but when it goes to install on a simulator running ios 14.2, I get this popup:

Cozi Needs To Be Updated

When I click the "Details" button, I get the following:


“Cozi” Needs To Be Updated Domain: IXUserPresentableErrorDomain Code:
4 Failure Reason: This app needs to be updated by the developer to
work on this version of iOS. Recovery Suggestion: Failed to find
matching arch for input file:
— Failed to find matching arch for input file: /Users/j.r.willett/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/662A1CB0-4E54-4DEC-8F4B-E2CA5FCB0DE8/data/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.o8dPqi/extracted/iCozi-Free.app/PlugIns/NotificationService.appex/NotificationService
Domain: MIInstallerErrorDomain Code: 15 User Info: {
FunctionName = MIMachOFileMatchesMyArchitecture;
LegacyErrorString = IncorrectArchitecture;
SourceFileLine = 51; }

System Information

macOS Version 10.15.7 (Build 19H15) Xcode 12.2 (17535) (Build 12B45b)
Timestamp: 2020-11-20T13:33:05-08:00

I don’t see other people on StackOverflow reporting this error, so I seem to have stumbled into something a bit unique. I’d really appreciate any pointers!!

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I’ve bumped into the same problem while trying to build Messages Extension on Xcode 12.2 for iOS 14.2.

This is how I’ve solved this problem:

  1. Try to set Legacy build system (File -> Workspace Settings… -> Build System -> Legacy Build System). It shows errors in better way.
  2. I’ve got smth like this:
    enter image description here
  1. Removed VALID_ARCHS settings from my extension target

Horace Ziemann

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