why does xamarin suddenly not let me deploy to iOS devices


This just started happening today after I got a message from xcode to agree to new t&c’s.

I can’t put anything on the device, on any of my computers.

Doesn’t work on my macbook, doesn’t work on my mac mini, doens’t work with existing projects that worked fine until yesterday, doesn’t even work with completely new projects.
I constantly get the message:

writeDictToFile:1241 open failed for
: No such file or directory MDMCacheDirectoryManifest:1315
writeDictToFile failed to write to
: No such file or directory error MT1006: Could not install the
‘/Users/georgecook/Desktop/test/iOS/bin/iPhone/Debug/test.iOS.app’ on
the device Gandalf the white: Your application failed code-signing
checks. Check your certificates, provisioning profiles, and bundle
ids. Probably your device is not part of the selected provisioning
profile (error: 0xe8008015).

No idea why this is suddenly happening – this is really not good – how to resolve this?

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One reason this can happen is if you have multiple developer accounts set up in XCode. Here are the steps

  1. Verify that your device is on Apple member center
  2. Verify that your device is part of the relevant provisioning profile
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each account
  4. Create a new project in XCode and run it on the device. XCode may ask you to select the team (if you have multiple accounts)
  5. If you have multiple developer accounts (teams) set up in XCode, the repeat step 4 each time with a new project and select a different team each time.

These steps ensure that XCode clears the way for Xamarin. The idea is that Xamarin does not allow you to decide which “team” to use, so you want to make sure that XCode has done the setup for EVERY team.

Serenity Tillman

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