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On my Splash screen, I want to put the App version for both Android and iOS at the bottomenter image description here

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This is how I add a Splash Screen in my Xamarin Forms apps

  1. Create a new ContentPage ie Splash.xaml
  2. Set the MainPage in your App.xaml.cs file to MainPage = new Splash();
  3. On the Splash.xaml I add an image (logo) and set the ContentPage backgroundcolor to my desired color for the app.
  4. Add a Label on the Splash.xaml below the Image
  5. On the Splash.xaml.cs OnAppearing() function set the Label’s Text = to app’s current version. You could use the Xamarin.Essentials plugin to get the version. Optionally, I then run a Task to animate the logo or fade it in/out. Once the animation is done in the Splash.xaml.cs OnAppearing function I then set the MainPage to a new page ie. a Login page or Main.xaml
  6. In the Android project, I leave the MainActivity “MainLauncher = true” as is.
  7. In the iOS Project, I remove the Xamarin logo from the StoryBoard and set the background color to my desired color for the app.

Here is some sample code on my website.

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