Xamarin Pair to Mac error installing Broker – ScpClient lost connection


I’m using Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10 and I’m setting up a new Mac build host for others to use to build our Xamarin iOS project. I’ve been using my own work-issued Mac build host for years to build this project and that is still working fine.

Pair to Mac has connected to the Mac just fine to install Mono and Xamarin.iOS, but fails to install the Broker. (Screenshot at the bottom.)

The Visual Studio log shows an error that the SSH.NET ScpClient used by Xamarin is losing connection transferring Broker.zip from the VS program files directory to /tmp/ on the Mac. The file transfer is working enough to copy exactly 16,384 bytes of the file to the Mac before the connection is reset every single time. Broker.zip is bigger than 16KB, and there’s a bunch of files at the destination directory exactly 16,384 bytes in size created at times corresponding to every time I’ve encountered this error.

I can reproduce the issue by attempting to SCP the file to the Mac myself manually in Command Prompt. Files less than 16KB transfer fine, but transfers larger than 16KB have this issue every time. I don’t have this issue transferring files the exact same way to my original Mac build host. I created a question over in SuperUser for that here (link), but nobody has jumped on it with an obvious answer.

So, I’m wondering if anyone in the Stack Overflow community has any Xamarin and Mac Build host knowledge and experience I can use to help me solve this problem? I need to get this Mac build host working for two new developers on this project.

Errors in the Pair to Mac Window:

An error occurred while trying to start the Broker...
An error occurred while installing Broker

And from the Visual Studio log:

Xamarin.Messaging.Ssh.MessagingScpClient|Error|0|An error occurred while using the SCP Client. Details: Client not connected.
Xamarin.Messaging.Ssh.MessagingService|Error|0|An error occurred while trying to start the Broker...
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Information|0|Starting connection to ''...
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Information|0|Server State transition from ConnectingState to DisconnectingState on (
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Information|0|Starting disconnection from
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Information|0|Starting disconnection from
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Information|0|Server State transition from DisconnectingState to DisconnectedState on (
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Information|0|The connection to '' has been finished
Xamarin.Messaging.Integration.State.ServerStateContext|Error|0|An error occurred while trying to start the Broker...
Xamarin.Messaging.Ssh.Exceptions.AgentInstallationException: An error occurred while installing Broker ---> Xamarin.Messaging.Exceptions.MessagingException: Unable to copy file 'c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studio19professionalcommon7ideextensionsxamarin.visualstudioBroker.zip' to '/tmp/Broker-'

Error in Pair to Mac Window

Visual studio log shows scp file transfer error because Client not connected

Thanks! -Matt

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